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3D fotbal - user environment of player and editing system


3D fotbal comprises two key parts, a "player" and an "editing system".

Player - plays back on-pitch situations. Using controls, the user can watch various situations in slow motion (at different speeds), through multiple cameras (both static and mobile) deployed in different places that the user can switch dynamically during the playback. One of the most attractive features is the possibility of playing back a situation as seen by any of the players on the pitch the user selects (such as a goal scorer, goalie) or from the ball perspective.

Editing system - a tool for creating various on-pitch situations (e.g. according to a video record). Situations can be created simply, including during the match. The editor has access to a library of pre-selected items (players, the ball) and animations (players´ movement, kicks) and can enter team squads, players´ names and numbers, as well as create the looks of the same.


The basic version of 3D fotbal comprises the player and the editing system (basic design). Using the editing system, the user can create teams, players and on-pitch situations, as well as manage/control advertising panels deployed around the pitch. System localisation for one world language.

Fotogallery - Editing system

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3D fotbal interactive software player can be used on PC or MAC and On-pitch situations can be played back both online and offline (on CD or DVD).